Host a Jewelry Party

Jewelry parties are small (or large) events hosted in someone's home. The host will invite guests and decide what kind of party they would like to have, and TWOPU does the rest!


Why Host a Jewelry Party?

Jewelry parties are an easy and fun way that we at TWOPU get to engage with new audiences, show our jewelry, make sales, and share our mission!

What is the responsibility of a host, and what is the responsibility of TWOPU?

Hosts simply provide a space for TWOPU, invite guests to the party, and decide what kind of refreshments or snacks (if any) they'd like to have. TWOPU will do all the set up/tear down, create invitations, handle speaking, and handle all sales.

How big does the space have to be for TWOPU to set up shop?

We work with any space provided to us! We've set up in apartments, offices, porches, and many living rooms! We can bring tables if needed, or use tables you already have in your space.

Who should I invite to my event?

Invite friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, small groups, or anyone you think would love to support TWOPU. 

Host a Party


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