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Our Response


We have all been effected by the Coronavirus pandemic and it is no surprise that this will change history. Our hearts are with all those who have had their lives uprooted; and we are praying for those who have faced devastation.


Our friends in Uganda are having their already-difficult lives altered forever. Please use this page as a resource for how you can help.

Ways that

You Can Help...

1. Donate

We are seeing price-gouging happen in Uganda, making it difficult for the poor to find affordable food to feed their families. With children unable to go to school during this time and many people being forced to leave their jobs, many families are having to purchase more food than usual with less money than usual. We are adding money to our Mercy Fund to be able to feed families who are struggling to find food, and your donations help us balance the influx of needs...


2. Purchase Jewelry

During our last trip to Uganda in February, we brought back more inventory but have not been able to attend craft fairs to sell our jewelry. We sell jewelry online and even offer free shipping! We know each of our items is unique, so we personally contact all our shoppers with options matching their purchase description to ensure they will love their item! 

Want to make someone's day during this uncertain time?! Purchase our new e-gift cards for a loved one! We'll add a special message on it for you.

3. Sign Up to Host a Jewelry Party!

We know you probably can't wait to get back in the world and see your friends and family that you've been isolated from... we do, too. 

What better way than to host a jewelry party?! Invite your friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues over to do some hanging out and shopping for a great cause!

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