Holly's Story

Holly first visited Pader in 2013 where she was drawn to the poor, isolated, and lonely women she met.  She felt led by God to help these women by improving their bead making skills to create income for their families.  After many years of war, the women were left to care for themselves and many children.  

Holly with Stella & Enoch.JPG

The women had been making beads out of recycled calendar paper and sacks they found in town.  Holly taught them to improve the quality of their work and add new designs and colors.  

Holly travels to Pader 3 times each year.  She brings the beautiful treasures home to sell in the US.  The results of her encouragement and care are seen not only in the number of women that are involved in this project, from 30 to 100 in 3 years, but also in the growth and changes made by the women and their community.  Their self-esteem is improving as they are able to provide food, medical help and school fees for their children.  The women are learning business skills to help them invest in livestock, such as chickens, pigs and goats.  They have a community savings program and are beginning a micro loan program in 2017.  

Holly’s goal for the women is for them to know they are important to the Lord and each other.  Each woman has a purpose to fulfill in life.   The women have been growing in their discipleship skills as well as their personal spiritual walks with the Lord.   The beads have given them a reason to come together, heal and generate income; however, so much more fruit has resulted.