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Video Highlight: The Mercy Ministry in 2020

The Mercy Ministry  focuses on helping and rehabilitating families at risk of starvation and death from disease. This video was put together by one of our Ugandan staff.

Watch how TWOPU has been able to make a big impact, through the eyes of our Ugandan friends.


(& why we do it)

For 20 years, Northern Uganda was ravaged by terrorist Joseph Kony & his Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). He and his army were responsible for the attempted genocide of the Acholi people, abducting over 20,000 children, killing over 100,000 civilians, and displacing 1.5 million people. Pader became a camp for these displaced people. Kony and his army have been mostly stopped, but the effects of his reign of terror remain.


Pader is now rebuilding and healing!

The Women of Pader Uganda serves to partner with the women of this Northern District by providing jobs, women's ministry, business training & microloans, education scholarships for their children, and more. 

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The Women of Pader Uganda

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