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About Jimmy


Jimmy came to Pader in 2015, to seek refuge after Joseph Kony & the LRA lost power in Northern Uganda. Jimmy is married to his wife, Abur Sarah, and together they have 3 children. He had a history in handiwork, and was already a committed member of Pader Community Church when Holly and her son arrived in 2018 to build ovens for glass bead making. Jimmy was there, ready to help learn all he could. What he didn’t know was that Holly was looking for someone to oversee the glass bead production in Pader, and Jimmy’s dedication and work ethic made it an easy choice to appoint him as head of the project. Jimmy loves perfecting his craft and coming up with new designs, but notes that his favorite part of working with TWOPU is “fellowingshipping with [his] fellow workers and training the ladies on how to make moulds and crush glass into powder.” 

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