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About Emma


Emma came to Pader in 2013 to learn automotive works at a local garage.  During that time, he also volunteered at Pader Community Church as a youth pastor.  In 2018, he began volunteering with The Women of Pader Uganda and would assist Holly when she visited families in our Mercy program.  Through his attentive care and compassion for those he visited, it was clear that was an Encourager.  He came on staff with TWOPU as a full-time social worker later in 2018.  Emma says that working at TWOPU has given him more opportunities now that he is able to financially support his siblings, as well as his fiancé, whom he plans to marry later this year.  He loves being able to share his testimony, as well as see children who had no hope begin to hope with food in their stomachs and an opportunity to attend school. Emma’s kind heart is such an asset to our Ugandan team.

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