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About Jacob


Jacob was born in Pader but grew up in Kampala, the Capitol City of Uganda. He moved back to Pader in 2008, where he began attending Pader Community Church. When Holly began making her frequent trips to Pader, Jacob would act as a translator for the women there. Through his servant-heart and pursuit of their well-being, he was recognized and brought on-staff full time in 2017. Jacob has a vast volunteer history with non-profits across Uganda, as well as a degree in social work. In his role as In-Country Director, Jacob oversees TWOPU’s numerous projects and trains women i basic business principles and record keeping so they can apply for a TWOPU microloan. When asked what enjoyed most about working with TWOPU, Jacob responded that one of his favorite things was “Fellowshipping with the women, yet I am not a woman!” As a husband of nine years, and father to 3 biological and 4 adopted daughters, he has the upmost respect for women and notes how their fellowship has made his relationship with Jesus grow stronger. The women in our Business program always have wonderful things to say about Jacob and how he is always advocating on their behalf. We are thankful to have Jacob a part of the TWOPU team!

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